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Krystal Glass’s business idea is simple, offering a wide range of high quality glass products against competitive prices. With our extensive stock levels you will find yourself an excellent partner for the glass industry.

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Side Fixing System | One

Glass balustrades have never gone out of style, and it’s easy to see why. These building features, built for the dual function of ornament and safety, are easily adaptable to the location, the property, and the aesthetics.

Custom-options and easy appeal meet in modern glass balustrades 


Pool Glass Fencing

Glass Pool Fencing serves the dual purpose of safety and unrestricted views from the pool while also acting as a windbreaker. But it is essential that the fencing appears as a seamless extension of the pool and not an afterthought. That is why you must plan the fence simultaneously with your pool’s design. Even if you have left your pool fencing till late, we can help you build barely-there barriers that feed into and enhance the aesthetics and flow of your pool and even stand as features in their own right.


Glass showers

Bathrooms are no longer just utilitarian but have become spaces of relaxation and aesthetic enjoyment in contemporary homes. With smart design and high-grade high-performance glass, you can design a bathroom that feels spacious and luxurious. We are there to help you through the process.


Grass Bath splashback

Mirrors and glass splashbacks offer quick and easy ways to update bathrooms and kitchens with contemporary elegance or colour. Make a small bathroom appear more spacious with a large mirror. Enjoy easier cleaning of the cooking area in your kitchen with a splashback customised to your design choice. We are here to help you design aesthetic glass features that create impact and offer utility.


Aluminium Fencing

Aluminium fencing is a popular choice for homeowners who want to define the boundary lines, secure their property, and control access to swimming pools. Aluminium fencing is also good neighbour fencing – it looks the same from both sides and is neighbourly. It is functional while also retaining the classic appeal of wrought iron and steel at a much lower cost. We can help you plan and implement the fencing on your new property or update your current wood fencing to more durable and low-maintenance aluminium ones.

Side Fixing System | One
Mini Posts System | one
Glass Balustrading

Dale Folland

I have met with owner Alex and discussed Glass Showers for a new extension we are doing. He is much less expensive with the exact high quality shower glass systems and workmanship than some of the other companies I have dealt with. Highly recommend his company.

David Renwick

I recently renovated my house in Auckland and used external and internal balustrades from Krystal glass, as well they supplied stainless steel handrails. Their price was very competitive, the product really good, and I enjoyed dealing with them. Highly recommend

Peter Cullen

Had this company install glass balustrade on our deck in Whangamata. Excellent service, really impressed with how it looks and at a price that was lower than several other quotes. Totally recommend.

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