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Glass balustrades

Glass balustrades have never gone out of style, and it’s easy to see why. These building features, built for the dual function of ornament and safety, are easily adaptable to the location, the property, and the aesthetics.

Add a Unique Touch With Glass Balustrades


About Glass balustrades

Fence off a pool or a balcony in a series of balusters topped by a rail. Glass balustrades do well both in urban settings and rural locations. Create a sense of space by using glass as a room separator instead of a wall. It can have a lightening and brightening effect on your property. Smaller urban homes enjoy the illusory space these elements provide. At the same time, they protect your home’s unobstructed views. They seamlessly blend in with your home’s contemporary design, but they also add appeal to more traditional homes.

Custom-options and easy appeal meet in modern glass balustrades

Style is also important in the design of glass balustrades. Seamless, frameless styles are perfect for contemporary homes. They offer obstruction-free views and blur the divide between the indoors and the outdoors.

Some homes do better with framed balustrades. There are also exciting laminates for you to explore your personal design preferences. On the other hand, Frosted glass balustrades offer a balance of privacy and clear views suitable for specific settings.

Glass Image
Glass Image

Safety is key

New technology has made it possible to offer higher safety standards in glass building elements. Safety is paramount for our designers as it is for you. Since a chain is as strong as its links, we make sure that our balustrade fixtures are top of the line and the toughened glass we use meets the requirements of the New Zealand Building Standard Code. You can rest assured that your beautiful new parapet will stand the test of time and hold up against the elements.

Balustrade fixing options

You can achieve different aesthetics and functions by using various fixing setups for your railing. Glass balustrades may be fixed to concrete walls or bricks. We will use the best anchoring systems for your purpose, but generally, there are some different types of fixing options.

Here are a few options for installing your balustrade:


Both external and internal glass balustrades can be bolted to the substrate for an aesthetically pleasing seamless appearance. A handrail may be applied on sleeker glass balustrades, but the laminated or toughened glass may be left without a handrail. Bolting is just as suitable for a balcony parapet as it is for an indoor staircase.

Channel set

The balustrade may be set on fully concealed or exposed channels that make it easy to install curved or straight forms. Channel set fixings may have shorter lead times than custom fixings.


Clamp and post balustrades use stainless steel or aluminium posts or clamps to affix the glass to a railing system. The seamless flow of glass may be broken, but the view is not obstructed.

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