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Mirrors & Splashbacks

Mirrors and glass splashbacks offer quick and easy ways to update bathrooms and kitchens with contemporary elegance or colour. Make a small bathroom appear more spacious with a large mirror. Enjoy easier cleaning of the cooking area in your kitchen with a splashback customised to your design choice. We are here to help you design aesthetic glass features that create impact and offer utility.

Add a contemporary elegance or colour With Mirrors and Splashbacks

Grass BackSplash Idea

Low-Maintenance & Impactful Glass Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks serve a big function in kitchens and bathrooms. Unlike tiles with grouts, they are easier to clean. Splashbacks are typically made of toughened glass, making them heat-resistant and stronger than other types of splashback materials.

These kitchen features also reflect light and make your kitchen warmer and more hospitable to family and friends in the gloomier months. Kitchens with small windows significantly benefit from the reflective qualities of splashbacks.

Glass splashbacks also serve an ornamental purpose. You can use this space to play with colour, textures and patterns and lend character to your kitchen. You can completely upgrade your kitchen ambience by updating the splashback without needing to do a full kitchen renovation.

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Glass Splashbacks for Artsy Walk-in Showers

Alcove walk-in showers also benefit from glass splashbacks. The purpose in bathrooms may seem more aesthetic than protective. However, glass is mould-resistant and easy to clean. Thus it is a functional and sensible choice for your walk-in glass shower.

We can customise glass splashbacks for your bathroom any way you like. You can choose between large prints inspired by nature, simple but impactful coloured glass, or glass cut to unique shapes. The choices are endless. Glass splashbacks are an easy way to make a small, dull bathroom appear larger, brighter and classier.

Mirror in bathroom

Classic or Contemporary Mirrors

Mirrors are excellent low-budget features to enhance the space and brightness in your bathroom. Bathroom mirror edges may typically be flat polished, or bevelled.

We can provide flat polished edge mirrors for a beautiful, modern, translucent edge finish. The edges are polished with abrasive material and polishing oil. The resulting mirror has a clean and contemporary feel. These mirrors do well with backlighting and can act as a centrepiece over your bathroom closet or dresser.

Traditional bevelled edges lend a more classic look to a mirror. We provide custom bevelled edges that work both in framed and unframed designs. Narrower bevels tend to catch the light and sparkle. Wider bevels lend elegance and timeless charm to classic bathroom aesthetics.


Safety and Secure Installation

Glass splashbacks and mirrors need careful handling and experienced installation. Safety is central to our work, and we only use toughened glass that will stand up to regular use. If you are undecided about mirror and splashback designs to implement in your home, you can consult our designers for advice.

During the first on-site consultation, our team will let you know about your options and develop designs that work for your modern or traditional home. Get in touch with us today and find out what we can do for you.

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