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Bathrooms are no longer just utilitarian but have become spaces of relaxation and aesthetic enjoyment in contemporary homes. With smart design and high-grade high-performance glass, you can design a bathroom that feels spacious and luxurious. We are there to help you through the process.

Glass showers have a clean, contemporary look and are easy to maintain.

Bathing curtains have been replaced by glass showers in many New Zealand homes and for good reason. Glass showers have a clean, contemporary look and are easy to maintain. From simple frameless shower screens to hinged doors, from decorative partitions to inline showers, you have several choices to enhance your showering experience.

Glass showers

Performance Glass Shower for Modern Elegance

A glass shower is an ideal way to update a tired bathroom or make the most of space in a small bathroom. There are many ways to set a glass shower, depending on the bathroom layout.

Alcoves may be sectioned off by an inline shower screen and the back wall may be turned into a stunning art wall with glass wall liners featuring splashes of colour. The possibilities of design with glass wall liners are endless. Speak with our expert to find out if your bathroom alcove can be turned into a walk-in shower.

Two-sided corner showers are most popular in New Zealand bathrooms. Smaller bathrooms may be better off with sliding doors, while larger bathrooms will support hinged doors. You may also choose not to have a door. Splashbacks and glass liners can add character and colour to the back wall of the corner shower as well. If you go with a full-height shower screen, you’ll enjoy better steam control.

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If you have a larger bathroom, you have the luxury of opting for a three-sided or standalone four-sided glass shower. In general, for walk-in showers, a distance of 1500 mm is necessary between the edge of the walk-in space and the showerhead.

Where necessary, we can help you design a glass shower that is compliant, safe and pleasing to the eye as you shower.


Building Code Compliance & Safety Glass

The New Zealand Building Code has a list of rules for glass shower installations, to ensure safety and security in the most private space in your home. We work within these regulations and have full knowledge of the human impact safety requirements for different applications.

Different glass features in the bathroom must meet specific safety requirements:

  • Framed bath enclosures and shower screens may use Grade A safety glass. In the rare case that it breaks, the glass will fracture into small, blunt-edged pieces or if it’s laminated, it will stay in place attached to the laminate.
  • Doors and panels with unframed edges must be made of toughened safety glass that is at least 5 mm thick.
  • Frameless hinged doors or pivots must also be toughened safety glass that’s at least 6 mm thick.
  • Glazing that’s higher up can be Grade A safety glass or annealed glass depending on how high it is.

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